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Sharon Farnsworth-Ekins

Sharon Farnsworth-Ekins

Sharon is the Mother of Five, and Grandmother to 16.

Sharon has been an Independant Business Owner with Sunrider International for 29 years, and currently holds the rank of Siver Master Business Leader, with a world wide network of costomers and Business Leaders.

Sharon travels the world sharing the Sunrider Dream

Shelly Farnsworth-Latham

Shelly is a second generation Sunrider, and has been blessed with the opportunity to consume and use Sunrider products since she was five years old.

Shelly joined her mother as an Independant Business Owner with Sunrider International at the age of 18. Shelly currently holds the rank of Business Leader.

Shelly has traveled the world with Sharon sharing her love of Sunrider and the products that they have developed and manufacture.

Eric Latham
Eric Latham

Eric is a former United States Marine has been involved with Sunrider International for three years, since his marrage to Shelly in 2008.

Eric enjoys the energy that he has gained since bringing his body back into balance with the wonderful Sunrider products. He believes that Sunrider International has developed and manufactures the highest quality product available today.

Eric also enjoys the lifestyle that being a Sunrider IBO has afforded him and his family to live.

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